Youth Weddings

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Beautiful competition with young girls at the kissing school
The kissing school wedding is a beautiful competition involving young women. The groom and the bride show what they're doing this evening best. But young people have to go through a few fascinating interactive tests before they get a well-deserved graduate from the kissing school. What's the essence of the contest?
He's asking young women to go through the kiss test. Wife and fiancée agree, even if they refused. The lead then asks different situations in which new marriages need not simply kiss, but also to be tempted and aptistic. Before the contest
Call attention to our young women, as everyone has already noticed, they can kiss and they love it. Now, let's see if they're really very well prepared on this issue. Our young women are going to go to school with a kiss and a test. You distinguished guests will be an exam commission.
Conditions of the competition
You esteemed young people must kiss, and you distinguished guests must react after every kiss. We'll have a certain sound scale (leader's handle) so we can turn the score down, so it's gonna take so much. If the reaction of the hall is weak (show your hand), then we're sending the young girls to the rendezvous.
All right? Let's rehearse. Visitors can advise the groom and the bride, not help, but advice.
Check number 1. Air kiss lessons. The bride sends an air kiss to all guests. The guests are responding.
Check number 2. Lessons of a friendly kiss. Wife and bride kiss each other in cheeks. The guests are responding.
1. A nice kiss. Ask all the guests to lay down the palms in the form of a pigeon, and paint a pack of fucking paradise birds.

Entering the Ray Melody

- Rye kiss 3:48

Spanish kiss. The wife is a Spanish tormentor, the bride is a proud dancer of Flemenco.
The guests clap in Spanish music

- Spanish kiss 2:07

Military-field kiss. Wife and fiancée should kiss as many times as the sound of the shots is sounded

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