Table Weddings


склей сердеце - конкурсStair competitions can be used to enable people to act on the intellectual side; this may also be auctions, etc.

Don't doubt it, the wedding contests at the table will have to come to the heart of all your guests.

The wedding contests at the table:

1. ♪ Sky heart

You'll need cutting earrings cut out of color paper, more precisely their parts. Anyone can take part.

This competition, in fact, is very similar to a child's game in the puzzles; at first, guests may seem to be doing nothing, but it's overriding.

Tamada's handing out the guests with pieces that must produce a whole heart, and the guests must connect these pieces into a single whole.
The winner will be the one who gets the heart better.

свадебный конкурс какая я2. What am I...!

This competition requires a mirror. Everyone can be involved.

Despite the name, the competition is also suited to men. The participants receive a mirror and, as they look at their reflections, tell us what they are wonderful and beautiful and admire themselves. All of this has to be very serious: smiling or laughing at a contestant, and you can't.

At this time, the guests, on the other hand, must do everything to make the player laugh, so they can force him to give him the mirror.

3. What love is

The competition requires colored pencils and paper.
Count on anyone who wishes to participate.

что такое любовьThe lead asks the participants to paint and/or write on paper some beautiful and original confession in love. The competition can continue as long as the guests wish.

The competition can be judged by young people themselves.

4. Happy alphabet

No requisitions are needed for this competition, and all the gatherings at the table can participate.

The students, in turn, offer congratulations to the young. But not arbitrarily, but alphabetically, I mean, the first release should start with the letter " a " , every new one with the letter in alphabetical order.

5. Let's have a drink.

For competitive process We need pencils, paper, designed for anyone who wishes to participate.

Participants share two teams. Since this is a staggered wedding contest, it is most convenient to separate guests from the parties to the table they occupy. For example, those sitting on the side of the groom will be his team, the guests on the opposite side, the bride team.

веселый алфавит на свадьбу так выпьем же за свадьбу свадебные конкурсы за столом недостающие ингредиенты
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