Witness Weddings

Examples of witness weddings:
Свадебный конкурс - Мальчик

клнкурс для свидетелей конфеткиA young, unmarried relative or friend is also the witness of the groom. The choice is that the witness has the organisers and speakers ' abilities, as well as the sense of humor, because he will often be seen on a wedding day.

1. Candy - option one

The competition will require a bench or chair, as well as candy. Witnesses and witnesses are expected to participate.

Stulia needs to be put in a row so the girl can lie on them. After that, we need to put some candy on it, which makes the wedding hamade.

The candy needs to be put in different places and, of course, on the lips.

конфетки на свадьбуThe witness must collect all the candy, but he must do it without the help of his hands. The witness has nothing to do with collecting candy by lips.

2. Candy - option 2

Attributes are the same as in the previous competition plus nuts, olives. Another young man is involved in the game.

The witness falls on chairs or bench again, starting to put candy on it, etc. The witness is blindfolded and his eyes so he can't see anything.

At this point, the witness is replaced by a young man. There's no suspect witness trying to lips (what else is it?) collect from girls what's on her. And I don't know why everyone suddenly starts laughing.

угадай-ка конкурс для свидетелей на свадьбу3. Guess.

A newspaper, one chair, four small but distinct items are needed to compete.

Items put on a chair and cover them with a paper. Witnesses sit on a chair and try to determine what objects they sit on.

Whoever can do better is a friend or a friend wins a competition.

4. Flap competition

The cheek will need about ten grand. We'll need eyes too.

As in the previous competition, the witness and witness are competing.

First, witnesses need to be blindfolded, followed by tilts in different locations (no more than five grand each) and offered to count the cheek on the adversary.

конкурс с прищепками конкурс с яйцом для свидетелей

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