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Waste material: 2 toilet paper rolls.
It's a collective game, not just for young people.
The desired guests are divided into two teams, the groom team and the bride team, for example.

Each team (or each team) has a man who will play the role of " mumi " . The team ' s task is to turn this man into a toilet paper as soon as possible, i.e. to become a mumia.

On the signal, the first players of the two teams are approaching their " mumies " and are starting to wrap their toilet paper. The rest of the team players are in line with their mummy :)
There's still a signal at some point of time (e.g. minutes). Second team players go to their mumies and change their first. And so on. Speed is estimated (i.e., where the roll ends faster) and the appearance of the mumiya. : It's not gonna be a very good toilet paper, or the assignment will be too easy.

Material: cheeks, blindfolds.
Some couples (at least one): male and female, young and female. Young and every couple, team. Young and male half of the other teams are blindfolded.

A n-number of cheeks (e.g. 7) shall be placed on a young and other team. And at the same places that everyone is on equal terms. The cheek is declared.

The task of men with closed eyes is to find and remove all the plugs as soon as possible.
Who won faster.

Material: dolls (2 Min), blankets or caps, ribbons.
Young people from the guests choose their spouses who have a little child. If there's more than two dolls, you can pick a few more couples.

Target: To squeeze the doll into the blanket and tie the ribbon with the bantic using two hands of four that the couple has. That is, the spouses rise to the shoulder, the " internal " hands are tied or otherwise blocked, not generally used, and the " external " tasks are performed.

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