Tamad Wedding

At a wedding without customs: what else is looking for in the Yandex, future young people
Свадьба без тамады: возможна

Event-industry launched the wedding season. What's he gonna be like, show some time. I'm sure he will. At least the searcher of the Yandex offers good predictions. People get married, weddings organize, players and players looking. The Portal has studied popular requests since the beginning of the year regarding the wedding theme in the context of the celebration, and has learned how the situation has changed since 2015, and what are the lead requests.

We have analysed the requests in the Yandex on the wedding themes and, on the basis of them, we can draw a key conclusion by compensating all the artists, leading and organizing weddings. The weddings were, there will be! And 2016 is no exception. I guess the desire to play a wedding is inappropriate for any fluctuations in the course of the rouble and other peripetia. We're getting married to whatever it is, and it's all here.

For analysis, we've taken statistics on requests from January to May this year across the country. Results for the same period in 2015. Five leading cities for the wedding are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lower Novgorod, Rostovna Don and Krasnodar. On various requests, this list is supplemented by Catherineburg, Novosibirsk and Voronez. Urban data are summarized below.

The lead has moved Tamad.

In the search for who will celebrate, the three requests for leaders have been stable and unchangeable for many years: the leading (or Tamad) to the wedding and the wedding lead. In contrast to 2015, the current season showed a decrease of 34 to 39 per cent in the requests for the word " Tamada " . This may be due to the fact that the term " tamada " is gradually out of use (especially among the youth audience), and young people are still looking for a modern lead rather than Tamad.

Leading to the wedding181 234184 383
Tamada for the wedding.138 627193 072
Wedding16 96715 317
Tamada for the wedding price10 05915 309
wedding price7 4196 191
A little wedding leader.4 4463 988

Na free wedding" That is how they wish to see this year ' s 23,855 users, compared with 29,425 years earlier.

If one of the leading people is worried that the entire calendar for the summer season isn't filled, we're in a hurry to calm you down. Statistics from previous years show that the peak of the Internet leader is three summer months, at which time the highest has been shown throughout the year. So those who have free windows still have a chance to close them. In second place, the most active month when they're looking for a wedding lead, March. Keep this in mind for the future and increase the volume of ads at the right time.

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