Wedding Quiz

Свадебная викторина

1. The old wedding was preceded by privatisation. And during the privatisation, who was the chief operative?


2. In weddings, for a bride to be well married, the earrings wear a happy married woman...

A friend.

3. It's the bride's attribute that symbolizes her chastity.


4. It's been fun in the old wedding dress "Friends of the brides." What was the bride price?

The bridesmaid.

5. What finger wears a wedding ring?

To a nameless man.

6. Who, in Russian wedding traditions, has a wedding table?


7. The preparation and distribution of wedding guards was carried out on Russi in accordance with the rules of procedure. There's a wedding essay, a caravanic. The caravanist was handing out pieces of caravan guests. Who was it?


8. What symbolized the ancient honeymoon?

The period when the fiancé hid his fiancé from his relatives.

9. Whose husband is the ass of his wife?


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