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Smart, demand-responsive development games are based on participants ' use of their intelligence and errudiation. They are distributed in mass media, especially on television, where winners are rewarded with prizes. Today, a powerful movement has been established in Russia, the 60-second Intelligent Club, which has reached an international level. In his founders ' view, this is a legitimate development, as in Russia there are very many smart and capable people who may not even know the strength of their thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

How was our intellectual tournament?

The 60-second Intelligent Club is taking place in Moscow. In a major event, the party ' s owners asked the sports bar to conduct intelligent " queries and answers " competitions for the Moscow Spartacus fans often gathered in this place. The theme, of course, was football. After the trial, intellectual competitions became regular, competition participants divided into two leagues, then three or so. The increase in the number of crews was lavinotic. The topics covered a wide variety of spheres of life. Information support for the Internet and the effects of the Sarafan radio have played a significant role in advancing the project: the first person to come to play today has already set up his own team tomorrow. This initiative has resulted in the presence of some 250 teams in the capital, who are gathering in good restaurants with colleagues, friends and relatives for a pleasant time for intellectual and delicious dinners.

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