Wedding Night

Scenario of wedding night " Fire and water "
Свадебный вечер в

A fun and entertainment program for the wedding night. This scenario has an uncomplicated and original content of the wedding banquet, in which neither youths nor guests are bored. Incorporate a musical dance program, new-marriage competitions that will help to unlock each other ' s mysteries and strengthen the emotional connection of lovers, as well as guests and humor contests. This event will be remembered well for a long time!

The ceremony of marriage is always a solemn occasion in the life of two in love hearts, because it is very important to have a wedding evening, after a responsible step has been taken, and it is written in the USG. ♪ ♪

The beginning of the evening, at the arrival of the guests, of course, begins with the order of their seating at the holiday table, no matter whether the place is a restaurant, a café or a house!

To arrive at the youth hall, everyone, up to the atmosphere and the mood among the present, must be prepared for a sense of joy and happiness for the young. A small variety can be added to the standard table by using colored napkins, towels and living flowers between meals.

The walls and ceilings are most likely to be stolen by holiday ribbons and balloons. The space can also be painted with light bulbs and telephones. What would be very appropriate during the dance, instead of the main light, would give a little more romantic and sense of privacy to young women!

Meeting young people will be best at the entrance to the courtroom, with flowers, candy and champagne.

Next, the groom and the bride go ahead and sit down, the guests follow them. The whole time is glorious, then melody music.
As an entertainment programme, dances are offered: the dance of the groom and bride, witnesses, slow and sunflowers; the evening of single and group singing in the karaoke; and, of course, unobsessive Interesting competitionswhich will not only be fascinating, but also help the newborn to get to know each other, where, not in the family and friends, you can do it better!

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