Wedding Scenarios

Part 2 wedding scenarios
Свадебные сценарии

Widows and magicians, forest nymphs and swamp monsters, princess, trapped in a high stone tower and a knight, tested before breathing the hair of a loved one. A story known to all since we were kids has a lot more real life than it seems at first sight.

How do you interpret the chotic style? First, the place: the extra-urban hotels in the romantic style or the real castle is dependent solely on the budget, but the combination of the gross stone environment and the general viability of the event is mandatory. This time, the need for the Territory is a Russian, scattered plug wall, infinitely concomitant with circumcate skaterts and on-ground beards.

Second, of course, the image. Gothic magic books, headlines, thin spells today not only do the tattoo world, but the fashion world. Geometrical, with a steel character similar to a tattoo of a circus, as well as a mule whose rhythm resembles the knight armor, a super-actual trend in the wedding mode. Speaking of armor. The virtuous cream forming a new figure but hidden from the outside eye is the highest pilot of the style in question. Corset designs shall be, but be covered by the circus and thin cadi. The guide is Kate Middleton's wedding dress, which is behind the outer simplicity of which the fantastic Portuguese art is hidden.
Another element common to the fairyards is the English brush (white on white). Modern British factories distinguish 120 white shades, offering a great opportunity to get married brides with any colour.

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