A Wedding Programme

The entertainment show is the Moscow
Классические свадьбы

Shaw-Men Tarasov Mikhail is a professional lead, conference and MC. Work experience. Six years of successful events, of which about 200 weddings, 100 corporate parties, 50 anniversarys and birthdays.

15 000 - 35,000 e

Professional lead. If you put the task and describe the style of his work in three words, you'll hear: " fun, intelligent and witty " ! Add that. modern competitive process The program and a lot of experience with different audiences! Together with...

25 000 - 45 000 e

You don't want old, inappropriate competitions? You don't like flat jokes below the belt? Are you unbearable to look at a sad Tamad...? Then call us! We're coming, we're making equipment, and we're rolling any party! It's fun and horny! Just... ♪

15 000 - 150 000 e

Honourable friends! I sincerely believe that marriage is an event that should only be once in a lifetime. And I realize that the second chance to create this, one of the most important moments of family life, will no longer be. So my role as lead--

50 000 - 70 000 e

Welcome, dear friends! I dare to assume that if you looked at my page, you're looking for an interesting format with fresh ideas and solutions. Congratulations, you're on the right path. We are Sasha Alexeiev and Stanislav. ♪ ♪

25 000 - 55 000 e

Alla Reed is a Russian singer, a Grad Hall player, 1/4 Glos 4 finalist, New Wave International (Jurmala), a world famous laureate. ♪ ♪

50 000 - 200,000 e

If you want to make your holiday unforgettable, you won't be without the help of professionals. Who, if not an experienced Tamad host organizes a wedding, a jubilee or a corporate party to keep everyone happy? And who wants to worry about...

15 000 - 45 000 e

I'm sorry. The instrumental show of this virtuous Bayanist, will strike you and your guests with the brightness and identity of performance: Tango, Russian folk songs, popular domestic and foreign hits. Her performance with...

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