Fun Games For Friends

Lemonми has gathered with girlfriends and you don't know what to do?
Кукла Штеффи с машиной

Have you met your girlfriends and you don't know what to do? We've got some great games for you!
It happens that you're dating a small company of close friends, and everything goes so uncomfortable and fun, time goes unnoticed, itself. And then, on the other hand, you don't want to talk, you don't know what to do!
In cases like this, different games are designed. Here's some ideas. Small companies:

1. Guess who.
You can even play this game together. Each of the players writes the name of the famous character on the ticker, but it's true that everyone knows. Like Sherlock Holmes or Vinnie Puk. Write down, put the paper on the table down. When all the steakers are written by all the players, change in circles. Take what's in front of you and don't look at the inscription, put it on your forehead. So the character you need to guess is visible to everyone but you. Now everyone has to guess what it says on his forehead. Every player can ask questions about his character in turn, trying to quickly guess what it says on his ticker. For example, " Do I really exist? " or " Am I a man? " Questions should be addressed only by “Yes” or “No”. He'll win who'll know who he is.

2. Naval fight
It's a great game to make time together with a girlfriend. You only need two sheets in a cage and two pens. For starters, prepare yourself a field for the game-- you'll have two squares of ten cells. The square parties sign the letters horizontally and vertically. Now, in the first square, unleash your " ships " , four ships on one cell, three in two cells, two in three cells and one in four cells. All ships shall be direct and not contact each other either on boards or angles (span of fields may be touched). You must not see each other's location. We are now beginning to play, in turn, shoot in the enemy's field, calling the coordinates of any cell within a square, e.g. B5. If that cage is occupied by your ship or part of it, it means you've been hit, and you're saying "ranen" if your ship's been flooded in part, or "killed" if the ship's broken in its entirety. The cage is sealed and another shooter can be made. If the cell is empty, it's marked by a point and moves to another participant... Take all your shots on the next empty square. He wins the first to sink all enemy ships.

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