Fun Games In The Company

Our palace games
начало игры

At least we didn't have a childhood as careless as the current kids, but we lived a lot more fun, so we'll agree. In many of these games, we started playing in the kindergarten, looking at the old ones.

I'll start with one of the favorite childhood games One touch. That's what we called her "weight."

This ball game was an excellent alternative to a square game and a football game. If the number of players is uneven or simply uncomfortable for other games, the game of " one touch " could be a very good alternative. But the players should have been at least three.

We played without division. One man could have made one touch in one time. We used to call this game because the most effective hit was when one button player threw the ball up and the other hit it in the air. If the rules were broken, this man was going to the gate (and running behind the ball) and it wasn't possible to hit the gate. The target was less likely to go to the gate and miss. The game ended when a specified number of heads were thrown at the gates (the count was accumulating, so when a man once again became a gatekeeper, he continued with his total number of balls hit).

They played the elephant, mostly boys. It's about getting the elephant out and winning.
The elephant is the first team of players who, when they're in a position, tried to hold a chain. The players are behind each other, lying half down, putting their head under the hand of a player who stands ahead.
The second team has to do everything to get the elephant out of its legs, tear it apart, in general, damage its design or, in a simple way, break the chain. The second team's games are 5-7mm away and they're trying to jump on the elephant by jumping through the goat.
We're not just gonna jump on the elephant, but they're gonna keep it. You can't move on the elephant where you jumped or you're sitting. And so on the line. Usually, the first jumped was the longest, and the last one was the fat ones. That's what it was.
If the elephant wins, then he wins if the chain breaks, then the second team wins.

It was the second version of the game. When the zloin stood up, he started moving forward for a certain distance, trying to get the top players off. If the first team wins, the second one becomes the zlo.

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