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Two participants are selected for this game, each of whom wears chocolate candy. The condition of the game is to keep it as long as possible without dropping it. Whoever can do it gets a prize.

Option for the game: two players have candy on their noses that need to hold some time and then put it in the air, catch your mouth and eat. Whoever eats more candy gets a prize.

You can ask the players to round the table with candy on their nose. This is difficult, but whoever can do it will certainly deserve a prize.

The option of this game is to keep candy on the tip of the language. Whoever can hold the candy longer gets a prize.

Another version of the candy game is that guests are divided into two teams, each gets a lot of candy. The task of each team is to build a candy castle as high as possible. That team, whose lock will be higher and longer simplic, gets souvenirs and prizes.

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