Games On Holidays

Many benefits for children
Ролевые игры на праздниках

Игры для праздников

Happy birthday games

Children's holidays and birthdays are very important for the emotional development of the child. And children's holidays and birthdays are unthinkable without fun games and games. Group games for children will help parents and teachers bring the holidays or the birthdays into the atmosphere, and it is the communication and fun that children cannot receive in ordinary days.

This is where group games are gathered for holidays that can be played at home, at school or outside. These games under " different sauce " can be included in any scenario of holiday or birthday. By imagining a scenario, it would be good to have the movable games wrapped with intellectual, loud and quiet, and so on, so as not to overwhelm the psyche of the child. In addition, the prizes should be promoted after each competition of children. And not only the winners, but all those involved. Different minor items are suitable for the prize: pens, pencils, blocks, rubbers, candy so on. For the festival or birthday scenario, games can be selected from the page and from the starring games page.

Игры для детского праздникаGame of Guess Who
There's one driver who's standing behind the other kids. One of the kids is quiet and touching the back. The water has to guess who touched him. If you guessed, the role of the driver would be passed to a guessed child, if not, then the children are further suited and touched behind the driver's back until either one of them is guessed. Adults have to control the course of the game and show themselves to a child who's going to touch the driver, or children start pushing and knocking on the driver's back.
This game can only be played by making sure all children are on holiday or on holiday. Birth day They know each other by name. If there's kids who haven't known each other before the party, we've got to play a game first.

Kids get into a circle leading up to the adult take the ball and start with the kids. We need to name a name and a favorite color. Adult starts: "My name is Anna, I love red, and throws a ball to one of the kids. The kid calls his name and his favorite color and throws the ball next. The games can be played by a few circles: the first round of the ball is in front of the park, the second round goes back, the third and the next round, the ball goes to someone who wants it. Each of the children calls first a name and then some of the favorite things or objects, my favorite day of the week, my favorite. ♪ ♪

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