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Fun childhood, mobile Birthday competition!

The happiest day for Mom, the day that can't be forgotten is her baby's birthday. However, the older the baby becomes, the more difficult this is for parents. Still, the troubles are pleasant. A birthday present and a red invitation for his guests, a cake with candles and a lot of balloons, to pick up games and entertainment for babies... I don't think we've forgotten anything. To help you a little, we've gathered the most interesting birthday contests for children here! You don't need to find anything!

The Play Market

(Children ' s competitions for school and for the birthday of the child)

It's Italian for teenagers. Six to eight. One player is a salesman, the other is a buyer. The rest of us sit on the shorts and touch their knees. They're chicken. The buyer approached the seller and asked: " Is there a chicken sale? " - "How can I be?" - Can I see? The buyer enters behind the chickens and in turns reaches them: " I don't like it, too old " , " It's living " , " It's skinny " , etc. Finally, by touching the chosen chicken, he said, "I'll buy it." The seller and the buyer take the chicken for both elbows into the air, pump and say, "You're a good chicken. Don't get your hands off me and don't laugh." If the chosen chicken starts to smile or laugh or shake hands, it's out of the game.

Talkaya competition

(Children ' s competition not only for adolescent school children)

There's an air ball on the edge of the table. The water's blindfolding and putting their back on the table. Then he takes five steps forward and turns around three times. Next, he has to go back to the table and blow the ball on the floor. He'll probably lose the right direction and blow the ball from where he's gone and remembered. It'll be fun!

Copy of the shirt.

The game will require small coins and a few small cups. Participants share teams with the same number of players. There's a cupcake on the line. Each team builds on each other.

The first of the team's legs wear a coin. The player tries to drop it from the start line to the finish line (three to four metres) and throw it in the burial. Lost coin player out. Every coin that hits a cup, the team gets one point. It's winning a team that's got the largest number of points.

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