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New Year
Можно веселиться и на

That's how to make the coming New Year remember not as another sad drunk, but as an event? Even so, it's an event. With a big letter.

Since you're on this page, you know the answer is to shake guests with a fun new year's competition. That's right!

In the bigest grown-up, there's a little kid hiding somewhere, and our job with you is to find that baby and stop. See how it's just done without being a sixth-grade mass-protective.

Encyclopedia of new yearly competitions: testimonies to use

So, your attention is drawn to the most complete Encyclopedia of the new yearly competition. There's a lot of entertainment here: dance contests, musical, humoristic, for corporations and close companies, for outdoors, and for groves...

In general, thousands of ready options, with at least five of them, you'll make a new event from the standard party.

Now how to find the competition you need.

In front of you, a search system for the Encyclopedia of a new year's competition. It's not hard to use, it's gonna take every man out, even if he's already had a big year and started meeting New.

In the top field, it will be the New Year.

In the field, choose the category of competition: fun, mobile, intellectual or... gross. Or put it "all" - then you'll figure it out. Adults remain in the field below. You already have 18? We'll keep the number of participants. All right, press the competition search, and choose the best.

Encyclopedia of new yearly competitions is not a dogma, but a means to raise the mood.

At your service, thousands of interesting competitions. But every competition can and must be changed. This often leads to very unexpected results. Don't forget to take off the camera competition and put it on the oatmeal, laughing and happy to share.

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