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Decision on the Follow-up to the Regional Recurrent Publications Competition in 2015

In accordance with the Regulation adopted by Decision No. 13-5 of 9 December 2014 of the Bureau of the CEP, the Central Government of the All-Russian Society of Persons with Disabilities decides on the outcome of the competition for the regional periodicals of the CEP to approve and determine the winners of the competition for the regional periodicals of the WI

We're gonna play guitar in 2016 at the Scotovyard!

In June 2015, the third open cross-regional competition for Bard (author) songs among persons with disabilities was held in Skyktivur. There was a lot of amazing and unusual in this creative forum! Anna Road from Workuta instead of a habitual guitar has been companing herself... on a arch. Gennady Vershinin of the Perm region, after a Russian song, suddenly issued a French version.

Outcome of the 2014 competition for audit and audit commissions of regional WIO organizations

In accordance with Decision No. 10-4 of 20 February 2014 of 20 February 2014 on the conduct of a review and competition of regional organizations of the WIO in 2014, the audit boards of 21 regional WI organizations participated in the competition.

Russian General Students ' Competition in Universal Design and Creation for Small Mobile Populations

In 2013-2014, at the initiative of the National Charitable Foundation, " Road without Barriers " , the Russian General Students ' Competition for Universal Design and Creation without Barrier Urban Environment for Small Population Groups is being held for the first time in Russia.

Outcome of the Russian competition for a better journalistic work in the 2013 edition of the Removal.

In this year, 13 media representatives, talented journalists from various regions of Russia, from Habarovska to the Republic of North Ossetia, Alania, became the recipients of the Phantoms. These include both professional journalists and presidents of the primary organizations of the WIO, who have chosen a way to express the problems of persons with disabilities through a written word.

BEZ BARRIEROV winners announced

At the opening of the final exhibition of the fourth All-Russian Disability Competition, BEZ BARJEROV, organized by the All-Russian Society of Persons with Disabilities and the Union of Photographers of Russia on the theme " A world accessible to all " , the jury named the names of the winners.

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