Dance Competition

Specialities of choreographic ( dance) festivals and competitions
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Хореографические фестивали и конкурсыParents, having given a child from early childhood to various dance studios, are committed to the harmonious physical development of the child. Having acquired some skills and skills during the studio or in the community, young dancers and choreographers have a need to show the general public their achievements in the dance, and the search for horreographic competitions begins. Participation in the competition is new emotions, gambling, a desire to win, a desire to be better, which means improving acquired skills and new development.

There are a number of children ' s and young creativity festivals where choreography is represented among many arts. Generally, such festivalscompetitions The generos organize tourist firms and, in addition to the presentations, you are offered a pre-existing tourist programme with city profiles and visits to the most interesting cultural sites in the country where the festival itself is being held. Participation in such competitions is due to the need to pay a full participation package, including accommodation, food, guided tours. For starters to travel to European competitions, it's the best way to try their forces - all right - every day of the competition festival is filled with speeches, tours, master classes. Each group shall be provided with a local Russian-speaking escort. Typically, the cost of the tour of such a festival is more expensive than just a tourist belt and is related to the fact that the organizers of a competition festival invest in the cost of the programme, as well as the costs of organizing and conducting concerts, prizes and diplomas that all participants in such competitions.

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