Games And Competitions

Fun games and competitions for children and adults
Весёлые игры и конкурсы

Веселые конкурсы для детейThese competitions will help teachers and parents to entertain children. They can be held in classes, celebrations, homes, streets.


Turn the sleeves of two jackets and hang them on the back of the chairs. Put one-metre stove on each other's backs. Under the chairs, put a two-metre rope. Both players are at their chairs. They have to take the jackets, turn their sleeves, wear, plug all buttons. Then disconnect around the chair of the rival, sit on your chair and fight for the rope.


Kids with rocks in their hands get up in the neck on one side of the track so they don't interfere. In 15 to 20 steps, there's a line or a flash drive. All children jump in the direction of the stitched cord at the same time. He wins the first person to be near her.

Ball to target

8 to 10 metres a keel or flask shall be installed. Every member of the team is entitled to one shot, he must try to hit the target. After every drop, the ball returns to the team. If the target's down, it's set to the old place. Wins a team with more exact hits.
- The ball doesn't fly, it's sliding on the ground with a hand,
- players kick the ball with their legs,
- Players throw the ball with both hands over their head.

Ball in the ring

The teams are built in one column, one in front of basketball shields at a distance of 2 to 3 metres. With the signal, the first number carries the ball roll, then puts the ball, and the second player takes the ball and throws it in the ring, and so on. It's winning the team that hit the ring most.


In the middle of a circle or an estrada, two molts with paper. The lead calls two groups of five. On the signal, the first of the group will take the coal and draw the beginning of the drawing, and then send the coal to the next. The challenge is for all five competing people to draw a given picture faster than their opponents. Everything must be involved in the drawing.
The assignments are non-complicated: drawing passwords, bicycles, passwords, trucks, trams, aircraft, etc.

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