Original Competition

Пример для подражания

A girl and a guy are required for the competition. The girl's lying, and she's wearing a lead cookie, nuts (all edible but not big). In the meantime, the guy's blindfolded and said he had closed eyes and had to eat a girl with no hands. The point is, at the time of the competition, a girl is replaced by a guy. By the permission of the leader to start the competition, the guy is starting to blend out, collecting pieces of food without suspicion of replacement.
It's starting to suspect that something's wrong only when people laugh.

Golden shoe

When the fiancé overcomes all the obstacles and finally finds the bride, it turns out she has no shoes. Some boxes of shoes are placed somewhere in a private place. Wifees should guess the one with the bridesmaids, each misunderstood shoe box (where there are domestic hats and stacks) the fiancé pays the ransom. The test ends when the groom finds the bride's shoes and puts it on the beloved knife.


A couple must eat an apple on the thread.
I'd like a couple to be a married man, a girl boy, in which case they'll agree to take apples together.

Get in the bag!

There's a bag in front of the tree (there's two parts, one with no bottom). Des Moroz calls the kids who want to ride in the bag. He's putting the baby in a bag and he's lying around the tree. He puts another child in that part of the bag where there's no bottom. Grandpa Moroz walks around the trees and the baby stays there. Grandpa Moroz is coming back and he's auditing. The game is repeating itself.

1. Do you like to go to the theatre?
2. Do you have a sense of humor?
3. Would you fall in love at first sight?
4. Have you tried jumping from the balcony?
5. Do you have any problems in your personal life?
6. Can you have fun alone?
7. Do you often shave your legs?
8. Do you like women's legs?

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