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How to create a happy new year 2016
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Год обезьяныA year of monkeys is a long-lived holiday for the whole family. We're planning a new year's celebration with fun contests and games, and we're going to be happy with the owner of the evening, the Fire Ape. Contents:

    Monkey is an active animal that almost always moves. This should be taken into account when choosing a new year of 2016 program. Many plan to meet the New Year at home, but we don't have to celebrate the meal of delicates and music programmes. Organize a fun celebration for the whole family with contests and gifts, because the Fire monkey loves noise and fun.

    Игры на Новый годFamily competition for New Year 2016

    A family in New Year may participate in interesting competitions. If the holiday just started and everything's strong, it's best to give preference to fun and rolling games.


    New Year Games
    It's a great way to have fun, to throw the snow into the bucket. We have two teams to share for the game. Materials: 2 buckets, 32 balloons from the vat. You need to position the buckets at the same distance from each team. Each team has 16 balloons. Participants should drop snows at long distances (5-7 m). Teams can be divided into children and adults. Whose company threw more balloons, gets a prize, a banana bundle.

    Survivors ' competition

    This competition is better when everyone's drunk and a little tired. You need to prepare two tanks in advance. Put in one dish of names matches and another of New Year's wishes. It is necessary to take turns to remove the screws from each dish and to express its wishes. Come to the humor contest.

    Конкурсы на Новый 2016 год Костюм обезьяны для взрослых на Новый год Костюм обезьяны для ребенка на Новый год 2016 Мероприятие на Новый год обезьяны
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