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Young educators marry and marry themselves, older teachers marry and marry their children and marry their children. wedding guests The family and friends go both.

The proposed materials will help you organize this most important family holiday, make it unforgettable, fun, bright, unlike any other.

Here, you'll find spicy, original toasts, congratulations, wishes, poems and songs, fun contests. They're gonna help you not get into trouble and make great congratulations on any wedding celebration, be a welcome guest, go to the circle of your closest and familiar with your erection, eloquence, an appropriate timely humor.

The marriage itself and the celebration of this is called the green wedding. Therefore, it would be very appropriate for the wedding banquet to have a command choir contest on the subject. I mean, what a wedding is without a friendly and fun stack singing. And if a collective singing is also a sympathetic gambling, it's a musical entertainment that's just unforgettable in its emotional calf.

Teams (parents and friends of brides and relatives and friends of the fiancé, senior generation and young people sitting at table No. 1 and sitting at table No. 2, etc.) are invited to remember and sing the song bills that meet the " green-coloured-coloured or his shades " - green, emerald, etc. These may be the names of the substantive, verbs, creeds and other parts of the speech. What a team sang more like this, it wins. The leader can help with the mimika, and in the words that the contesters remember more quickly the song.

To assist the lead, a sample of bills is proposed from various popular ones now and earlier. songs with green words

There was a cousin in the grass,
There was a cousin in the grass,
Just like a cucumber.
He was green.
He was green.

There was a tree in the woods,
She grew up in the woods,
In winter and summer,
It was green.

Green, stunned sheet,
I'm in love and confused before you.
Kleung is green, and the clay is couchy,
It's stunning, stunning!

All green,

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