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Home party contests
Для этого конкурса я обычно

Homecoming and the home party has been able to produce a cultural program with competitions and games.


This is a funnier for a multi-sex company where people of different ages gather. You're gonna need a lot of paper games, cards, boots and chips to close the numbers on the cards. The game consists of three tours. In each of them, participants are given a card. There's a prize in front of every tour that wins. The lead pulls out of the barrel bag and screams the numbers. The first round wins the one who closed one digit on the card, the second is the one who closed two rows and the third one with the whole card. Small intermediate competitions, " music " or " dance " , can be arranged between tours.

Guess the melody.

This game can be conducted in two options, depending on how well your guests know music.

Slight level: Participants share two teams and listen to 10 songs in turn. Music breaks should sound like 15 to 20 seconds. If one team can't guess the melody, the right of reply is passed to the rivals. For every right answer, the team gets one score. It's winning the team that's gonna get more points by the end of the game.

There's no need to make it difficult to choose poorly known melodies, because the purpose of the game is not to test your musical memory, but entertainment.

Complex level: Participants are divided into two or more teams. One of the team members goes to the lead and gets a map called a song. This tune must be washed, whispered, snitched, etc. to his teammates. If they can't guess the melody, the right of reply goes to rivals. Every right answer is one point. It's winning a team that gets more points by the end of the game.


Each participant puts in a hat, a pot or a non-transparent package of phantoms a small item (author, braloch, lipstick). One player turns his back, and the lead, not looking, gets out of the hat on one subject every time he asks, "What do you do with this fanta?" The player's back is making assignments, singing a song, jumping on one leg, knocking. The nature of the assignments depends on the company. Each Phantom then performs the assignment.

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