The Entertainment Scenario

Student entertainment scenario
сценарий развлекательной

♪ Guys are scattered by companies at tables.
- Leads represent the audience.
♪ Population Census (Watman children write names, institutions and courses). Noisy statistics.

♪ I give the floor to representatives of the business administration.
♪ Questions from students to future employers.
- A fresh start. A set for " sparkling granites of science " .

Lead: A real student knows a lot of things, and he knows a lot of things-- a real universal, because he has to learn not only, but also live on his own, make decisions, deal with questions, and financially, including, earning, one word, survive for one purpose: to get a decent education. The degree of universality of our students will now try to be determined in an inviolable environment.

The entire audience is conditionally divided into three groups, that is, each of the groups present is necessarily " neighbour " . So, we share the audience and distribute the attributes and the requisition.

1st group directly involved. They're selected one from each table. For starters, the word "student" is what? In the letter on the table, for example, the first table responds to the letter " C " , say, conscious, funny, old-fashioned, etc.; second table on the letter " T " , etc. Each table elects one participant, invites the boys to go out and emblems.

The 2nd group is support groups. I mean, the rest of the tables. Each participant thus has a support group. They receive assignments and, according to the conditions, may once " assist " their participant by performing their assignments.

3rd group - representatives of the enterprise. They receive judges, flags, stars, scores, etc.


1st competition: " Equity ticket " . Participants hold tickets, face-to-face expressive exercises, which are similar, for example: show the most sparkly space, or disband the exam or laugh, etc. On one of the tickets, ask GP for help.)

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