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Natural competition (20 in one article): fun birthday of a child at a picnic
и провести день рождения?
To be honest, it's hard to have such a party. First, when they were picnic, the least they wanted to play in an organized manner is that everyone has an interesting case. Secondly, the organization of a child ' s festival on nature requires certain physical data. For example, a loud voice:-).

If you're still going to pick up guests at the picnic and plan an entertainment program without the temperament of the clown and the skills of the experienced animator, use my competitive selection.

I've chosen only those nature games and competitions that are the most likely to be organized (most of them can be held with the number of participants from four persons).

Only 20 ideas, but I'm planning on finishing some interesting nature contests into this article, so it's gonna be much bigger over time!

You're welcome!

It's very interesting. Birthday in turn: " Tree of three parrots " . There are 20 ideas from a child animator chest. It describes the games with the requisition that can be done in fresh air. There are 15 balloon contests, some of them fit for a picnic. 15 competitions, games and entertainments for the age of 12 to 14, many of which can be arranged at a picnic by the way! In the case of very young children (2-5 years), look at the collection for the joint celebration of children and parents.

I like this competition for simplicity and objectivity in identifying the winner. It's easy to find out who hit the target more than once.

Конкурсы на природе (20 в одной статье): веселый день рождения ребенка на пикникеOptions:

  1. Ten childhood steps to get a stitch into a tree barrel. Everyone's got 10 attempts.
  2. Toss a stick with any structure from dry branches.
  3. Put an empty pot (taz, bucket) at a distance of several steps. We're competing in the mark, throwing small rubber balls, toys or the same chicks. If there's no empty tank looking for just a hole in the ground.
  4. Put the rope to the horizontal branch of the tree so that it ends up to the ground. By the bottom of the rope, we're putting in a little bag with the balls (shits, toys) just to be some harmless load. The games are taken into the hands of the “loader” and are on the side. We need to hit objects that are located some distance from the center. Here's the drawing.
  5. Another version of the previous game. We need to pick a lead who's gonna rock the "machine" and things (bottles, boxes of juice, sticks, cams, toys) need to be downtown. The players need to be able to run and pick up the subject before the maid returns.
  6. Do me a favor. At 1, 5-2 meters, tie the rope to the load at the end.конкурсы на природе This loader has to cut small objects at a distance slightly larger than the length of the stick, sliding the rope.


Put the toys, the pots, the bags and the things you brought for the picnic in the field. Put the bear in the center of this compound, within 5-7 steps, put a line on the ground that will be followed by the house. Leading screams: "Medved is awake!" Children must save property and put it behind the line, and the bear can only catch someone who has nothing in hand (as the child returns to the safe line). He wins the one who collects the most things. And the bear becomes a player who ended up in a bear's laps.

Dogs " Crop legs "

It will be necessary to take care of and escape the players with an empty plastic bottle filled between the knees.


Players are getting in line. The lead turns around and takes five steps.

♪ Knock-knock?
♪ Who?
♪ I don't know.
♪ Why are you here?
♪ To paint.
♪ For what?
♪ To the blue!

Everyone who has that color on the clothes holds hands for that color and stays there, the rest run away from the lead. The next one is the one they caught.

Balls fight

It'll be fun in nature. Put small balls on the right player. Only two players in the fight. Hands aren't involved, they need to be chained behind their backs. He wins who can tear the ball of the winner's leg. And whoever wins comes a new rival with a balloon on his leg. It goes on until there's one player with a balloon on his leg.

Knight tournament

If there's a relatively straight and not fat wrench, you can fight long thin balls. The winner must resist the womb.
конкурсы на природе конкурсы на природе конкурсы на природе конкурсы на природе
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