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Для свадьбы в стиле Мулен

Life isn't worth it. And if we used to have a popular wedding contest, which used very simple things: balloons, singers, etc. Now, in a century of high technology, weddings can increasingly meet competitions using the projector, radio guides, smartphones, etc. Wedding Portal. wedding contests using modern geez.


Participants: guests.

Audit: radio-controlled machines, meals, kegs, cubes, etc.

Two to three guests are invited to participate in the competition and will be the first to come to the finals on the radio control machine. It's pre-modeling a track for machines, and it's blank, start and finish. If necessary, obstacles will need to be removed: keels, cubes, etc. Whose car will come to the first final, he won.


Audit: Projector, Geimpads, computer game.

The races on the machines can be arranged in virtual form through computer games. The organization of the competition is quite simple: a game should be inserted on the laptop, where there is a possible competition of 2-3 persons (mostly car races or motorcycles) and given to the participants in the heimpat. Whose car will come to the first final, he won.

Air ball battle.

Audit: radio controlled machines, needles, balloons.

The essence of this competition is that, with the help of radio-controlled machines in the front of which the needles are attached, as many balloons as possible must be broken down. Who blew up the balloons, they won. To make the count more light, you can scatter 10 red and blue balls on the floor. Each participant should only burst balloons with its colour. If he doesn't break his color ball, the score is on his opponent. I mean, it's not just a time to break your color balls, but it's also an attempt to keep your opponent's balls open.

"Tanese Battle."

Audit: Xbox 360 with counterpart Kinect, projector.

With the Xbox 360 counterpart Kinect, guests can be asked to show their possibilities in various fields: dance, football, bowling, etc. To get married, the most appropriate option would be a dance ball.

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