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7 ideas for fun
Веселые свадьбы
A fun wedding isn't as hard as it looks. If young people are people with a sense of humor, and guests are always prepared to support a good-looking holiday, everything in your hands.

Let's see seven ideas for a fun wedding.

My esteemed readers!

The website provides only an introduction to create an original and beautiful wedding holiday. I'm not selling anything;

Where to buy? You can find and acquire the accessories described in the articles for the celebration.

1. If the wedding is directed at young people with a good sense of humor, and young people themselves don't mind fainting, instead of traditional pigeons, you can be free to... some cool chicken carcases.

Such fun wedding photos no one else will have, the faces of the guests at this moment are doomed to be fun and laughing.

The guests can be told it's more human than to launch live birds.

Alternatively, paper bugs should be prepared to be released at the same time.
Nice footage in the family album!

2. If the bride doesn't have a too big dress and not a long phase, you can play guests at the ransom.

After all the contests and misery, the fiancé finally enters the apartment, and there's... his fiancée in the groom and a towel on his head (which, of course, has a dress and a fath). The bride should be filmed in advance, and the faces of the guests and the groom are exactly when they see her!
It's a very good joke if the bride in the form of a wedding scroll makes a smart face and says, What, is the wedding today?
Then you can throw a mask and confess to a joke.

3. Apprentice young people can write funny reminders on palms like those who write before the examination.

For example: In the USG, say yes! Alga Nikolaevna smiles and kisses on the word "great!"
That's a great photo shoot!

Apart from the grooming, similar writings, you can write on the hands of witnesses and other key people of the wedding - the main thing is to write a bright floster so that pictures are beautiful and understandable. It's possible to wipe the writing off a napkin in alcohol (or vodka) or a good wet napkin.

4. Entering a canteen hall at a youth wedding can be arranged as an entrance to a cool nightclub.

I'm sure there's a couple of big guys among the fiancé's friends. The older generation must go unhindered, they must smile and be politely displayed.

There's no reason for the young people. Having listened to the disturbances, guests are offered at a similar price to buy fliers or tickets (which, of course, should be portrayed by young women, will remain in memory).

If the idea doesn't seem to be ripped out of context, we need to figure out and hang a funny sign at the entrance to the restaurant, which reminds me of the sign of the fested nightclub: "Ray Road" and below the small letters "Dinner by Nastya Lesha."

5. If relatives are not stubborn conservatives, all guests can order t-shirts indicating their involvement in the young family:

Taste Igor Yurievich Friend of the cousin's brother of a cousin on the mother line, etc.
If young people with humor, their T-shirts can be described as a joke: Sleeping at the bachelor's bachelorette of the bride's fun student, best friend of the excitant young ladies, etc. These T-shirts can be used for walks and photos, and in the USGS and the restaurant to stay in shirts and other official clothes.

6. Is one of the young women involved in power structures? It's a beautiful occasion to humiliate at the wedding!

It's just enough to put the bride on handcuffs to the fiancé, and one to paint a curve smeared smile, and another free hand to threaten a toy pistol at the entrance to the GCF. The photos will be very unusual!
The keys to handcuffs aren't to lose.

7. Each wedding has its route: bride house ransom, USG, 2-3 walks, banquet, cake, fireworks.

Usually, the guests at the wedding will find out what's planned. But it can be much more original.

At the invitation, put the box-coox on which the route will be portrayed and the time of each fragment is signed.

Веселая свадьба
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