20-Year-Old Wedding Scenario

2520 вообще чудом …

Картинки. Свадебные платьяFarfort wedding is celebrated in 20 years of soup. The table serves a new porcelain dish. It also takes a porcelain.

Farfore is nice on the table.
As a symbol of purity in the family.
You've been wise for 20 years.
Love has been given advice.
Yeah, everything in your family is fine:
The kids and the happy house is rich,
Care, tenderness, warm
And that's what you deserve.
It's a pleasure to congratulate you.
A family where peace and grace,
Where the heart of the alliance is maintained
And loyalty, the strength of the marriage z.
We congratulate you on your heart!
Love wants infinite!
Let the kids enjoy their hearts.
And happiness will never end!

  • Congratulations:

Twenty years ago.
Forever, you've stiffed your hearts.
The joint life has been laid by a garden,
Who's been growing up for years.
We're giving you a porcelain.
May your stepdaughters be uncomfortable,
That's what we're gonna focus on.
In the middle of a wish for an endless wedding!

How great is that?
If it's a friendly family!
We're with the porcelain wedding.
Congratulations to your friends!

Let them shin the roses.
Only joy gives life.
Twenty years old.
You're a survivor.

Back for 20 years would know
Would you take another wife?
With the happiness of afarforum wedding
We congratulate you, son-in-law!

Have a marshmallow in chocolate,
Champagne, caviar dishes.
Live in love, happiness, lads
Before you get married with your gold!

Smart, stubborn and sweet
A friend to a husband like you used to be!
Love him with great power,
And let the happy life go!

You've been married for 20 years.
Peace, happiness, friends!
With this long-awaited date
I wish to congratulate you.

Twenty years! What a joy
To understand and forgive,
On sunny day, in the sky...
Love alone!

Don't push the punches!
No pessimists.
Young to stay,
Twenty years later again!

Let it be silver.
Your life will be ruined!
We need to, like we used to,
"Great!" Scream!

The Wolny and the love of the hearts,
And even tears in the eyes:
Twenty years ago,
Congratulations again.

There's a long way in life,
In the family, the point and the point.
And your 20th anniversary.
A friend appreciates the strength.

Farfore is nice on the table.
As a symbol of purity in the family.
You've been wise for 20 years.
Love has been given advice.

Yeah, everything in your family is fine:

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