The Wedding Programme

A entertainment programme for guests at the wedding
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Конкурсы и игры на свадьбеWhat do you want to do at the restaurant? Of course it's interesting. It's interesting entertainment that makes the wedding bright and remembering. If the wedding wasn't boring, it's just necessary to entertain guests. And the more intervening competitions, at your wedding, the more positive emotions all present will be.
This page shows the most interesting, in our view, contests and victorines for guests. If you have any interesting suggestions about this, Have fun at the wedding. - Put them on the mail and we'll have them on the list.

The entertainment side of the holiday is not less important than the stalemate, it must certainly be distinguished. Competitive competitions are magical for all guests and sometimes bring together small groups.Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе Everybody loves them for that! And for getting a prize or a gift! The spirits of rivalry, the funguing, gambling and the loud screaming of the “single” make new, unforgettable fun even at the most undeclared skeptical and booze. Mobile games, victorines, auctions will give birth to your guests, and symbolic prizes obtained for victory further enhance guest interest in competitions. Customary competitions usually begin. Since people have not fully learned and have the right to participate in the competition or not. We are categorically against any pressure on guests. The leader must have a sense of tact. Like, pull the sleeves, talk about any game, everything must be ethical and natural. When guests are " warmed up " , competitions can be held. How many competitions are going to be and what can't be clear. Only the experience of the lead, the fantasy and the mood of guests will help. It's important not to overload the holidays. "Expressiveness is a purchase. Excessiveness is irresistible. "Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе And for centuries, competitions are inappropriate, too. I always want something new.

Sensitizing competitions

The rationale of the spark competitions and victorines is to prepare guests for mobile and dynamic competitions.

1. The young man who runs predetermined any commemorative dates of young women or beverages and dishes that are most likely to be newborn. It's all written on the paper sheet and while the guests sit at the tables, ask them to name the dates (whether drinks and dishes). Whoever guesses gets candy or virtual plus one. At the end of the competition, candy or glasses are considered and the winner receives a small prize from young women.

2. The air ball is taken by the air balloon, where the number 1 to 100 (or less, if desired) is pre-positioned, and asks for the guests to know the number in the balloon. The guesser gets the prize and the right to rip the ball and see the paper, is he right?

Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе Конкурсы и игры на свадьбе

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