Funny Games And Competitions

Birthday, fat
смешные игры и конкурсы

16-18 September is the ninth anniversary of Tolstick's birthday. This time, we decided to call the Burning Fat Man Festival, and we'll fight fat in every way!
In the programme:
♪ Funny starts;
♪ Interesting lectures to heat appetite;
- Culinary competition;
♪ Tour, CASTRA and individual bonfires, discussion of past games;
♪ Create a fantastic design and burn it!

This time, the organizers will come early tonight and both nights will be very active. And we'll find a place to get there for a little while.

This festival is gonna be the last one, so we decided to take it all the way. Participants included:
- Dmitri "Sam Molot" of the Courts;
- Ivan Sergeyevich Kuzmin;
♪ Ivan "I'm no longer the director of the universe of truth and truth" Kurguzov;
- Ivan Shiny Van Cotomin;

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