Visiting Competition

ten of the most fun contests for a child
Веселый конкурс на свадьбу

Ten of the most fun contests for a child's home holiday

You have to save yourself!

" Blinks "

Any number of children are involved. The driver asks to turn around and count up to 30, and at that time cheeks to household objects, to straws, paintings, curtains, soft toys, dishes (all 20 to 30 grand). The one who's been able to collect the most bait gets the prize and becomes the waterer.


Try drawing a birthday card with the kids. We'll need bright flosters, glue, stickers, pencils. Give me the creativity, and the theme and wishes of the birthday party can be said: a smiley sun, blue sky, unusual flowers and beasts. These cards can remind the child of a happy event for months.


Put water in the bucket (no more than half). Give each child a one-time cup. The Titanic will also be a plastic cup. Put some water in it (he has to be smelted) and put it in the center of the bucket. Now the kids need to get in the circle and put water in a floating cup. Those who drowned the Titanik are out and the game continues until one participant is left. He's becoming a captain, and the whole kids' company is going to eat icebergs. Ice, of course!

Laundry barracks

You're gonna need : barncakes, colored wools, buttons, big buffins. Of all this good, we can make tree toys if the New Year is approaching, or an unusual biography.

Graduate battle

Push 10 round balls (five thousand different colors). Make two teams. Separate the room on the 2nd equal parts of the meal, make teams against each other. Every team, give it five balls. Target: As long as music sounds, we need to move the balls to the side of the competition. It's not that easy, because the rivals are returning victory balls! Once the music stops, the kids are dying. We're counting. This one. Fun contest Several phases are being implemented for children.
The team wins whose side is less than the balls.


Give me your imagination. Let the culprit make it during the couture. Kids like dressing and adulthood. All you need is a variety of tapes, paper, handkerchiefs, scarfs, scotch, clips and safe scissors. Cutterier loads the kids by their taste. If the boys are shy, they can be made by the jury.

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