Marriage Competition

wedding contests
Если свадьба в стиле Алиса в
Look at the other wedding contests.
Find the bride on the knee.

Girls (maybe men) sit on chairs, and the groom with blindfolds has to give her favorite knee. This one. wedding contest Maybe one of the weddings.

First, the contestants are asked to open a new planet to blow balloons as soon as possible. And then draw the humans on the ball. Who would draw more for a certain amount of time, he won.

Two players stand against each other, they have a prize in their chair. The lead thinks one, two, three...s, one, two, three... 16, etc. wins the one who's gonna be more careful and the first to take the prize when the lead says three.

Guess who I am.

The game is more fun when a lot of guests take part. The leader's blindfolded, the rest of us take hands and hang around the blind. The lead claps in the palms, and the guests start walking around. The lead claps again, and the circle is dying. Now the inhaler should point to a player and try to guess who it is. If he's able to do it with three attempts, then whoever he's guessed is going to his place. As an option for the game, a rule can be introduced whereby the leader can ask a player to say anything (kill, bump, floor)

Try it.

Any number of guests are invited to participate in this wedding contest. The balloons are tied to their legs. To music, you have to puncture an enemy ball and save your own. He wins who has the last ball.

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