Flight Competition

Child holiday competition
Детские праздники: игры

Players get an assignment, a word to be deciphered. It could be absolutely any. We need to come up with a suggestion that every word in it begins on the next letter of the word. For example, if the word " SCODA " is requested, it may be deciphered as " The six cows are discovered by the Detective Agency " . The author wins the most vicious decoding.


Players share teams. Each member of the team in turn writes the name of something edible on the sheet of paper, flips the sheet and transmits the following. If there are few participants, the procedure can be repeated. After the participants recorded the ingredients, the Start signal is signaled, the castle is released, and the team must come up with the name and recipe of the dishes from their proposed ingredients in five minutes. Receptors may be Very funny.♪ For example, " mocking mayonnaise with quas, adding cut apples, singing everything under salt cucumber sauce " , etc. The team wins, offering the most original recipe.


Players share equal teams. Each team has a Watman leaf with a schematic house and windows. The challenge for each participant is to run straight to his leaf, paint a man in one of the windows and then return. wins the team that's gonna put his house in the first place.

Katya Katieka Katyusha

The moderator makes various statements by Katya, Katenka or Katyusha. Under " Katya " , all bidders should touch their noses, with the words " Katieka " , put their hands on their shoulders and, with the words " Katyusha " , put their hands on the belt. The competition takes place in several tours. Only those who correctly carry out all actions in accordance with the mission will move to each follow-up tour.

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