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Gold wedding - 50 years
Свадебные конкурсы.с масками

Золотая свадьбаThe commemoration of the 50th anniversary of marriage (known as the golden wedding) is an extraordinary event. The couples who were together for half a century will surely tell you that their lives weren't all smooth. However, it is important that they have made their love through all the ills and have resolved their differences through mutual respect and trust.

The gold wedding tradition was born in a medieval Germany. Husband gave the wife a silverware for the 25th anniversary of marriage and a golden wreath for the fiftieth anniversary.Золотая вечеринка Hence, the term " golden jubilee " appeared. While most of the commemorative dates have changed, adapting to modern lifestyles and needs, gold remains the traditional gift of 50 years of marriage.

If your parents or close friends invited you to the golden wedding, some ideas that could be used for such a memorable and solemn occasion.

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If you're thinking about how the golden wedding is going and what it's unusual to do for your parents, why not ask them to remarriage?

So you'll get a chance to see your parents marry and become a bridesmaid or a groomsman's best friend.

  • Decide if you want. Have a wedding. in church or at the Palace of Marriage.
  • If possible, arrange a wedding in the same place where the first marriage was registered. Involve parents to prepare for the celebration so that everything is in accordance with their wishes. But don't make them take the celebrities. Jubilics are already at an old age, and the organization of such a responsible event requires a lot of effort and time.
  • The bridesmaid's dress and the suit of the fiancé should be the same as possible when they entered the maid.
  • It's worth taking care of the song that was played on the day of the parents' wedding to sound at the second marriage ceremony.

It'll be a fantastic golden wedding that your parents will remember in years.

Золотая свадьба Подарки на золотую свадьбу
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