To Entertain Guests

How do I sign up for the printer's "through the guests"
Чем развлечь гостей

How to sign the magazine "How to entertain guests"

Option 1. A subscription to the magazine "How to entertain guests" with a payment made (for Russia)
Any graduated editions of the magazine "How to have a guest" You can order a postal payment with a fee when you get a gangroly.
The price of the journal, taking into account the intersection:
- 135 roubles for production;
- in order of two or more issues - 98 roubles for graduation.
We'll talk about each issue. 80-96 pages. At the same time as the book has already been issued, you can sign and all the next, as the new magazines come out, will be sent to you automatically (also with the payment made, i.e. with the payment upon receipt).
For the order, please send a letter of request in an arbitrary manner. In the letter, indicate the numbers you need and your detailed mail address. Within 24 hours of your e-mail, we'll send a confirmation of your order. JournalsTo entertain guests"will be paid at your address. The normal delivery period is 7 to 20 days.
Or postal address: 6,40018, Kurgan-18, a/a 2305, "How to have a guest," the periodicity of the magazine "How to have a guest" once a month.

Option 2. Catalogue subscription in your post office (for Russia, CIS and Baltic countries)
New numbers of the magazine "Chem to Enter Guests" (with any next number) You can sign in any post office in Russia on the Roscell catalogue (indic. 80904) or the Russian Post Office catalogue (indic 16745). The exact price of the compendium with a subscription on the catalogue you can find in your post office (usually about 75 roubles per number). Subscriptions by mail catalogue are also possible in CIS and Baltic countries.

Option 3. Getting access to all the materials of the magazine "Chem to Draw Guests" via the Internet.
With all the material in the magazine, "How to have a guest," you can get full Internet access on "How to entertain guests." Internet base.

Option 4. Prepayment subscription (for Russia, CIS and Baltic countries).
The log can also be signed by postal or bank transfer. Audits for listing can be found in (3522) 45-16-11.

Option 5. International signature (formerly abroad).
Outside Russia, a collection of "How to Enter Guests" can be signed through the IC Freight Agency.

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