Youth Contests

Танец на День влюбленных для

For this fun competition, all participants need to be rounded up in a manner that supports each other. The challenge is: who hears about the animal that he has whispered so that no one can hear, falls on the floor, and the others must keep it.
The lead starts to say, "I came to the zoo once, and I see Bear (all standing) and I'm moving on, I'm looking at Kengur (all standing) and I'm out of the corner, and there's Antilope (all standing) ... wanted to leave, I see... Zayatz! After that, the words are as follows: all participants fall on the floor, and it turns out that Zayaz was whispered on the ear.
Typically, it starts wild. It is only necessary to calculate the landing site, otherwise there may be damages and debris.

Thick lipstick

A package of solar candy (Barbaris type) is required for this competition. Two volunteers are selected from the company. Each one of them rots out of a package (which holds the lead) on one candy and puts it in his mouth (but does not swallow). By putting a candy in his mouth, the participant should call a rival of the " thick lipstick " . Who will be able to put more candy into their mouths and say the word " sunshine " is the winner. It's worth noting that the sound that plays the game is making the public happy!

Try and guess.

The participant puts a huge piece of bun in his mouth in such a way as not to speak. It then receives a text that needs to be read. Participant is trying to read it with an expression (wish it would be for anyone to know the poetry). Another participant should record everything he understands and read it out loud. As a result, the text is compared with the original. Instead of buns, another product can be used with which words are difficult to say.

Lemon competition

Every right thing. answer The player gets one piece of lemon.

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