Have Fun At The Table


Feeding and drinking guests is not the only concern of the owners. It is important to organize and send a stalemate so that everyone is interested and that guests do not break into groups. There are some topics at the table. Thus, the table does not speak of politics, religion, monetary income, health, absent persons. It's better to pre-conceive topics for stack talk. It's important they're interested in guests.

By the way, if it had previously been thought that " when I eat, I'm deaf and it, " , the label now doesn't recommend chequetting at the table. Of course, you can't talk to a full mouth: before you say anything, you should swallow what's in your mouth.

Talking always starts with seniors. The young man who was introduced needs to wait for him to talk to. If the beginning of the conversation is long, the youngest can interrupt the unpleasant pause by saying something tactical.

A lot of people know you can't, being in guests, criticize the dishes. But it's also unacceptably too loud to admire the taste and appearance of pleasure. In fact, in this regard, the Spanish satirik Francisco Quevedo has clearly observed in the book " Origin and Definition of the Bad " : " There is a poorly unlightensed, inferior sensible temporality of the person who eats in guests, hooliths and wears the gifted, for he is more likely to be educated and safe to be kept silent.

It is also not accepted at the table to insist on offering food and drinks. In no case should we be forced to drink, to demand a late-time fine. No one should be insulted by refusing to drink again, a guest might have a good reason. The judge doesn't need to explain them in detail. Someone who insists on drinking the commemoration tableat risk of showing his ignorance and full ignorance of stalemate.

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