At The Table

New Year Family Competitives
Новогодние развлечения1

A warm home atmosphere and a sad meal, it happens to be a dream, and a new year's night ends for a younger generation long before the Kurts call. So that doesn't happen, during the breaks between the opening of the table, the taking of food and the watching of the TV, make some fun contests, and the sleep will be taken as a hand!

Black box

The pre-prepared box contains an item, and all housewives in turn need to paint psychic psychic and try to guess what's in the black box. If no one can guess the subject, the lead gives a few clues. It's fun and interesting. Artistics are given a separate prize, and the one who stole the mysterious object is handing it to the applause.


It's a fascinating time for all family members to look into the future. Of course, there's nothing to do with the home tamads, which pre-equippes two hats, which puts the notes in the pipe. In one hat, questions, answers. It happens to be surprising. The answers are very funny and inextricable. But the gambling and the desire to predict fate are manifested from small to great.

Air fairy tale

All members of the family are provided with inflated balloons and markers. The challenge for everyone is to turn a balloon into a beloved fabulous hero. When the work is done, everyone in turn shows the rest of the family of their hero. Wins someone whose creation was recognized by the viewers. If the kids are very small, warn them that the ball can't be pressed hard, and just in case you'll be holding a pair of extra balls.

Don't go.

A new year ' s accessories, the number of which is less than the number of family members, are displayed on the free table. Now the music turns around, and everyone goes round the table. As soon as the music's over, we need to grab and put any object on the table. The one who didn't get the accessories out of the game. But for no one to get upset, the ex-boyfriend is asked to pick a new year table. Then one object is removed and the game goes on.

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