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How do you get the guests on a walk?
развлечь гостей на свадьбе

In planning the future of the wedding, young people are often trying to solve the problem: how and how to entertain the guests on a walk so that no one misses?

As a rule, young people and their guests are sent to the park or other wonderful places of the city after their signature. Wife and bride The goal is to get as much interesting and paint as possible, and the photo shoot can last for hours. At this time, guests are desperately missed, sometimes drinking champagne, and they walk around the park with no purpose.

Naturally, such a lack of awareness can significantly compromise the mood. Of course, if the guests know each other, they have a lot of common themes to talk. ?как развлечь гостей на прогулке фото 2 It's not gonna be too much to paint their expectations of entertainment, competition or surprise a sudden turn of events.

If you're in a radical mood, you can have a ceremony at the ZACS after lunch, and before that, you can go to the photo shoot, and the guests won't have to wait, and you won't have to break your head to find the right entertainment. You can go to the studio photos or do it the next day, you won't be distracted by guests, and savings on extra cars in the box might be significant.

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