Visitors At The Table

Плакаты на свадьбу распечатать

The same cards are prepared in advance for the competition, which are written by popular songs. But the cards are cut in half and placed on the table. The challenge is to get as many couples as possible to get all the songs you love.

Give me the glass.

The competition will require as many solomen as the guests are sitting at the table and a plastic cup. The task of the present is to give a glass round, using only the straw and its own mouth. In other words, the neighbors have to change the glass with one straw to another with no hands.


We need a piece of paper and a pen for the competition. Sitting for guest table The question and the answer on the same page are read in turn. So, the first participant made a recording, threw up the leaflets and handed over to the neighbor, telling the neighbor what questionable word the whole question begins. The second participant writes his answer, reverses and transmits the following, etc. When the fly passes round, he's given to the lead, and he reads fun questions and funny answers. It's very funny.

To visit the psychic.

I'd rather say that Extrasens will come to visit. And the leader should prepare a phonogram for the competition with popular song fragments, as well as his fun comments on them. Now the psychic comes to one of the guests and says he's gonna read his mind. He's making manipulation with his hands, and it's starting to sound like, "Oh, my God, what a man, I want his son. They're in love, and the magic goes to the next guest.

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