Games At The Wedding

Wedding games and wedding contests!
Веселый конкурс-игра

1. Horower. The music competition is sort of - the music's off, the music is all over. The bride rises downtown with blindfolds, unmarried girlfriends around her. Music's on, the bride's circling through the clockwise, girlfriends against the clockwise. When the music turns out, the bride pulls the bouquet in front of himself and he is solemnly taken by a friend who ended up in the bouquet zone.

2. The bouquet. Take a surprise for unmarried friends, order a prefabricated bouquet, it's when the bouquet consists of a few small bouquets of interconnected tapes, so the design looks like a single bouquet. A drop-out scheme in classics is back to friends. Stand back, untie the tape and drop the bouquet, which will be divided into several parts. So a piece of happiness isn't gonna get one friend.

3. Loose. To that end, we'll need ribbons in the number of unmarried friends, in the color of the bouquet, and some supplies, in case anyone decides she's not married. One ribbon is tied to the bouquet, the rest are secured so that they can be easily separated from the bouquet. The bouquet bride is in the center, the friends are in the middle of a half-circuit, taking the ribs and pulling their lots. The bouquet naturally reaches the one whose ribbon will be attached to the bouquet.

4. Surprise. This will require a box of duplicates, a trunk (or another stylized object for which the castle can be hanged) so that the bouquet enters, locks and a bunch of keys. The bouquet closes in the chest and locks in advance, the keys in. The trunk is in front of the bride, call unmarried friends and offer them a prize, a box in the trunk. Girls take the key and try to open a lock whose key came or managed to open another key to opening the lock and getting their prize.

5. I wish everyone happiness. The bride comes out to throw a bouquet, raises unmarried girlfriends, and... the bride, disbanding his bouquet instead of throwing, sentimental music spreads every girl's flower to make everyone happy. All you have to do in advance is count the number of friends and flowers in your bouquet so everyone can get a flower.

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