School Holiday Competition

School competition
Сценарий на 8 марта в школе:

However, when the moderator goes round the second round, players should show the body parts with a free hand. There's some pretty interesting positions.

Fill the glass.

There are two chairs down the hall. There's a glass in one chair, one full of it. The challenge for every player is to transfer a spoon from one glass of water to another. Whoever ends up getting a bigger cup, he wins. It's not speed, it's cautious.

Cut the rhythm.

Players get round. First player, he's the lead, puts his left hand on the right knee of the neighbor. All the other players do the same. The lead beats some rhythm, and all the others must repeat it exactly the same hand as the lead. Who gets knocked out of the game.

Uh, apple.

A few couples are invited to participate. Each couple gets two apples, one girl, another guy. On the signal, the lead girl starts feeding the guy with an apple, and the guy's hers. A couple who eats their apples faster.

Go to the finish.

All players are splitting up. Each couple in turn has the right to do one jump. It's winning the couple who jumps faster than the rest. It is important to remember that the jumps are carried out not by speed, but by turn, by length of distance.
Couple is popular among teenagers. She's a great charger.


Several couples of girls are invited to participate in the competition. The girl's wearing a lot of buttons, and the guy's wearing rags. The challenge for the boys is that they need to put as many buttons as possible on partner clothing.
Who's fastening, and they're declaring victory.


Players split into two teams. Every team is handing over an air balloon. There's a gate in the hall. Players start playing football. It's not one ball, it's two, one with one. Whoever hits more balls in the competition gates, he won.

Get the target.

Players split into two teams and get the lead ball. The challenge for the first team players is to beat as many other team players as possible by getting a ball in them. The second team has the same target.
But if a player catches a ball in his hands, it doesn't mean he's hit, on the contrary, he's got the privilege of throwing a ball. A team that'll have time after. More playersI won.


Participants are split by pair. Girls take boys for collars, playing the role of riders. Guys are horses. Girls are trying to push boys to get them off their feet. The girl who first managed to knock off her boyfriend gets a prize.

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