No Tamad Wedding

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Небольшая свадьба

The lead keeps three ropes on his arm. The wife and the bride are asked to tie a slice using only one hand (right and left) with other hands behind each other's ears. For diversity, put two other couples together. (Both can be a good illustration of both the tribes of God, husband and wife, and the example of life together).
The wedding contest is a broken phone.

Entry: There are often misunderstandings in life. Simple things everyone understands differently. You choose five people out of the room, four of them out of the room. The fifth sentence is, "The father had three sons. The oldest smart kid was, the middle was so, the younger son was uncomfortable." He should not speak to the fourth person, the third, the second one, and then the first. Then, starting in the last person, you ask what the story was about. Very funny!
The wedding contest is the word

It's necessary: ARBUS + 30 SPICHC Classic version of the Chinese Game: There's a couple dozen matches in the apple. The young people take turns out to pull matches from the apple, calling each other a lasc name. P. My sun, my dear... "Love Dicature" is different from the poetry size of his torso, because instead of a match apple, it's a watermelon.
A wedding contest - Make a smile.

A young man pretends he's mad at his wife and he's very smearing. She's got to make him smile. You can't go to the ticket. Support for the fans is welcome.

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