The Funniest Weddings

Funny wedding traditions of different countries

КитайThe ransom, the stakes on the floor of a future child, the purchase of the first piece of wedding cake. Do you think there are ridiculous wedding traditions in Russia? No, they're really enough in all the countries of the world! And if some of them are just funny and pointless, sometimes the fiancé and the fiancé have to risk their health so as not to break the ritual. We decided to remember only a few. unusual weddings the traditions of different countries, many of which are now being respected.


According to one of the old Scottish traditions, the bride on the eve of the wedding, in a literal sense, the words tilt with dirt. The girl has a shower of spoiled products, garbage and waste, and then a few hours later tied to the tree. It is believed that if a future wife with dignity moves these tractions, it will not work with family life.


Chinese are the honorable place among the readers of the funny wedding traditions of different countries! The wedding is, of course, a joyous event, but in one province of China, girls are starting to prepare for family life a month before the ceremony with the help of the food. An hour a day, a girl should cry, and all members of her female family are gradually joining her - first, mom, then grandma, then sisters and so on.

Смешные свадебные традиции разных странIn another Chinese province, the groom is trying to shoot his future wife. He's throwing three arrows in her bow without tips. The husband then breaks these arrows to show that they have a happy life without betrayal and treason.


In India, it was often possible to meet trees before. The reasons for this may be different. Traditionally, a younger son cannot marry until his older brother did. So if the younger son met his fate earlier, the older one takes a tree into his wife, which will then be cut. So the man becomes a widower. In the case of girls, there is a trust in India that the births of Mars and Saturn in the 7th house bring their first husband to death. So the tree is once again an innocent victim - barely being a husband, it cuts, and trusts do, and the girl gets cursed.

In some parts of India, before going to the altar, the groom should take off his shoes. This is where fun begins! The bridesmen must catch and steal the shoes, and the relatives of the groom must protect them fully. If the shoes don't work out, the newlywed husband must pay the ransom.


Now we're going to find interesting wedding traditions from different countries to Africa! In the Masa ' a tribe, fathers bless the marriage of their daughters by wandering her face. Then the girl leaves the house without looking, otherwise she's going to become a stone.

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