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Concourses and games for the holiday
свадьба организация

Two men on the team. One of them will have to be mumigated, with toilet paper as beautiful and faster as possible. Start and complete this fun lead team process. There's another way to play this game: one person's "mumit" is a few. In this case, groups are already competing.


It's a creative game that will require participants to demonstrate their fantasy and even acting skills. She'll be good for fun. Big companymeeting on an informal occasion. All interested parties will be given a lead form listing roles. Without rehearsal and training, each player should show in turn the performance of each assigned role. But the others will have to guess what or who's being portrayed. Taking into account this condition, the lead person shall write on the forms what is easily recognized.

  • For example:
  • - The housewife comes from the market with the Bauls;
  • - The bird walks on the edge of the roof;
  • - A monkey rolls in a cage;
  • - The scratches the frog.
  • - Goose walks in the yard;
  • - The woman defiles on the stacks in the mini skirt.
  • soldiers in the caraul;
  • - The kid learns to walk;
  • - acquaintance with a loved one;
  • - a fabulous fame star.

It's winning the guy who's gonna do all his "on the corner."


Funny competition for the most scrupulous companion of life. Wishing to play games should be couples. The lead gives men balloons with faces on them. Men's companions get from a leading razor statue. Then, the most interesting thing is, "face" balloons cover the razor foam, and women need to act as careful as possible by simulating the razor process. That couple whose ball won't burst and shaving, wins.

Set a tie.

If an informal event, this game needs to be filled with tiers in advance, as men may not have them. Wishing to take part in a joke contest should be a couple of men plus women. Partners have to fast tie a tie to a man. It's not necessary to follow a classic method, a way of obsession can be copyright. The main criteria are beauty and deceleration.

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