Weddings and games
Кафе для маленькой свадьбы

It is difficult to organize and conduct weddings. I mean, it's not just that I need to gather and feed the guests, it's necessary to have some fun, so the wedding night doesn't turn into a banal drunken castle.

Traditional weddings Competitions and games begins with tests for the bride and groom.

Who owns the house?

Usually, the wedding is a beautiful caravan who's supposed to be handing a young man to the party hall. The contest is that the bride and groom are asked to take turns to bite the guard piece without helping hands. Whoever bites more will be the master.


Fiancé and bride competition. The challenge for young people is to come up with another lasc nickname, and not to be repeated. Every time a lascular word is said, the apple has a match. Thus, by the end of the competition, a bucket of apple and matches emerges before young women.

Weddings don't go around without special assignments for herding and herding. Traditionally, through a fun contest, they find out which mom would babysit grandchildren and who would help with material.

Distribution of duties

The weather produces two cherries of a lot of paper. There's a pulse inside of one, a wallet in the other. Mummy crickets. Who gets the pups, he'll be in the nanny, who's got the wallet, he'll help with the money.

As we know at weddings, except gifts, it's accepted to collect money for young people. This is done in different ways (e.g. theft and bride ransom). But we can run monetary weddings differently.

Who is born first

Two pairs of blue and pink poles are cooked for the competition. Cloths are spreading among the guests on the condition that the money for the boy, the pink for the girl, will be added to the blue shelves. The winner is determined by counting the funds.

Witnesses should not be forgotten. Usually, these are the closest friends of the groom and the bride, who have some responsibility for what is happening. I mean, their shoulders have to help a young couple in the future. It is therefore necessary to verify that witnesses are prepared for such a responsible role. To establish this, they are offered to show their skill in... sewing dispensaries.

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