23 February for men, boys and children
где он и его друзья будут

The competition on 23 February, as proposed on the site, will help to identify the fastest, bold, blunt, galant, sports, communicable, obsessed, persistent, musical representative of a strong half of humanity. Pull!


Fishers are invited to attend. They have a belt on the talium that has a pencil tied on the thread. The fisherman's going to be winter, so we'll have to catch the Rabbi in the hole. And the moon is a little empty bottle. Who's the first one to walk into the moon and win the competition.

Army kitchen

That's it. joke contest♪ The lead puts raw, untreated potato on the table, knives and invites the brave men to participate in the competition. Everyone knows we're gonna have to clean the potatoes. But when they wish to be chosen, they are asked to call a potato meal in turn. To win the one whose dish will be the last.

Music cocktail

Men are not only brave soldiers, they are also gifted musicians and vocalists. Two teams are participating in the competition, singing songs about soldiers, the army, wars, etc. A team wins, where more songs will be remembered.


This competition will require balloons. Men/women are invited to attend. The strong floor is located on chairs, on the knees of everyone in the air balloon. On the team, the moderator begins the " bombarding " , the women are scattering at their pilot ball. The couple that's gonna blow the ball and the man's gonna pull the punch is winning.

Galant cavalier

A couple of men/women are selected for the competition. The couples get in the circle, the man in front of his partner on his knee. Looking in the eyes of their " beloved " cavalries, they say compliments. The last one who praised his lady receives the title Galant Cavalier.


What kind of man's competition would be without a classic Armrestling? The host must provide for a free table in the room, which can be divided by two half. All participants can measure by force. By putting the right hands on the table, the opponents clutch and try to hit the enemy. The one whose wrist touched the table lost and threw himself out.

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