How do you arrange a perfect bachelorette party?
тамада и конкурсы веселые…

The wedding is a great day and a new stage in your life. But since an unmarried free life ends, you have to break up with her and celebrate her with dignity. That's what a bachelor party was for. And how do you make this day remember?

What is this?

The bachelorette is some goodbye to a free, unmarried life. Girls used to sit at home or, like, in the bathhouse. The bride must have been washed and evaporated. It could also produce a special handkerchief called " red " which was to hand over to its unmarried relative.

Girls scattered the future bride of the cosou, which was considered to be the symbol of the loneliness of life. Everyone was friendly, singing and dancing. But modern girls, of course, it's not interesting. Many go to the club and have a fun party with all the consequences. But I want to spend a day like this, not only fun, but interesting.

It's a day.

A lot of people are interested in doing this. Of course, you can make a bachelor party right before the wedding, but in that case, you're gonna have to be discreet, because the next day you need to be a pickle.

If you're planning to be " full " , then you'll have an event two or three days before the date of the marriage, so you'll have the time of vomiting after the fun and clean up. The scary bride with the bruises under his eyes is not a good sight.

Who should I invite?

Invitation to a bachelor party can in fact be anyone, choosing, of course, among the representatives of a beautiful half of humanity. Call your best friends you've been through with a lot of wonderful things.

You can call acquaintances, classmates, classmates or colleagues from work if you're close enough. Those who don't like you should be called. And don't even think you're gonna hurt anyone. After all, it's your holiday, and only you can decide who's gonna be there.

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