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Party. Make a deal with the owner of the apartment and take the toilet down to the video, get on the chair and raise the camera up. Well, like a hidden camera. It's important the image doesn't shake. When someone goes to the bathroom during the party, you instruct the company quickly and include the tape. When the victim comes back, she'll see a picture of the toilet on the TV screen, where she just got there, and the whole company's rolling out of laughter. Naturally, the first thought of the victim will be that “all have seen”...
Ghosts and pranks are taken from

Charm transmission

In the middle of the table, they put a balloon. There's a competition, and the meaning of it is that two participants are blindfolded and they're sitting at the table. They're invited to fight over this balloon. The balloon is being cleaned carefully and its place is filled with a plate filled with flour. When they start to blow with force on this plate, they come to an astonishment, and when they're blindfolded, they come into an indiscriminable sorrow.


In the room, a man with a blindfold and his hands are beginning to drive down the lying " front " (the "farao " line is being carried out by one of the participants. The other victims are waiting outside the door. With these words, the victim ' s hands are crustled with early cold macaroons (brushes, shells, etc.) in a ketchup intersection. P. S. Cries, even guys.

How to earn a beer on a beer by a dispute.

Of course, we have to choose the relevant points and the company.
1. I bet you won't cross the pencil. I'll put it on the floor and you won't! How do you win the argument? Put the pencil on the floor of the plate against the wall.
2. I bet you won't let me down, even if we're standing on one paper across from each other.
Disposition: The paper puts on the door doorstep so you can close the door, you're on the side of the door. Try a cup of beer!
3. I bet I jump above the fridge?
Decision: You jump on 10 cm and say you jumped up because the fridge can't jump.

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