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Stair games and competitions
Застольные игры

As a rule, the guest table gathers after rolling competitions or incendiary dances to breathe and relax, and because staircases are more calm but not less fun. In addition, it is at the table that we can get to know each other. Judge yourself.

Who has a pain

The leader puts a sack in the hall, and there are stamps with different letters. The guests sitting at the table take turns to remove the " booby " from the bag and, without prejudice, call any word beginning with that letter. The impact of surprise and the high rate of responses are a cautious result. All the more so, at the end of the contest, the lead says, " Now we know who's thinking about it! "

Song competition

The moderator offers participants a specific topic, and then announces that all sitting at the table should share the troika. And now every three of us should do a song on this subject. Winners will determine the jubilee or lead, depending on the circumstances in which the competition is conducted.

Make a laugh.

Competitors are offered the same unfinished picture, and a small fragment can be painted at all. Now, everyone on their leaf has to do what they think wanted to paint an artist. When the host shows the original, and the guests are their creativity, the fun is no limit.


This competition requires special training. The leader in advance asks all potential guests to bring their children's photos. And now that the guests of the guests are sitting at the table, he turns around all the pictures and suggests that we figure out who's in the picture. The fun is long enough because they're looking at pictures of everything without exception, commenting on who's in the mountains.

We'll draw a miracle judo.

Two teams are right and left. This competition will require paper sheets and flosters. The first member of the team draws his head on the paper and flips the drawing so that the next one doesn't see what's painted. And the one, in turn, draws his neck again, blinks and transmits to the next neighbor. The lead announces the next part of the body to be painted, etc. Then the lead turns the sheets and all compares whose miracle is more original.

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